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Shinde Camp

Shinde Camp is nestled on lush, palm dotted Shinde island in the heart of the northern Okavango Delta.

Located at the edge of a lagoon, it is surrounded by clear waterways, which flow over yellow sands and past palm-fringed islands teeming with birdlife and game.

Shinde is renowned for combining the mystery of the crystal clear waterways, lily covered lagoons and palm islands with stunning game viewing.

Shinde offers some of the finest dry land game viewing in Botswana with regular sighting of lion and leopard.

This abundant animal and birdlife make for spectacular trips by mokoro (traditional canoe), boating and bush walks.

Well-equipped delta craft take you on an interesting trip to the Gadikwe Heronry, where you can see fascinating breeding colonies of herons, egrets, pelicans and storks.

For fishing enthusiasts, Shinde offers fly-fishing trips, to test your skills against a variety of species including the mighty tigerfish.

The island is especially favored by members of the antelope family, including the elusive sitatunga whose elongated and splayed hooves enable it to walk on the unstable beds of papyrus reeds floating on the water.